Yummy South Carolina Red Velvet…This is where it all started! 

Hi!  I'm Mary and I love to bake.  My interest in baking started in my hometown, Columbia, South Carolina.  I watched my mom bake desserts.  I developed a passion for baking and pursued my dream by starting my own business.  Now, I have been providing delightful sweets for 15 plus years.  

I use fresh ingredients for all of my recipes and each delightful sweet is made to order ensuring freshness.  Visit my menu for my signature delightful sweets and place your order today.  If you do not see what you need on the menu, please contact me. We look forward to serving you with delightful sweets. 

Thank you for visiting my website! 

Mary's Story

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Guaranteed Baked Fresh!  We take pride in our delightful sweets.  With each cake, cupcake or other delightful sweets, we bake to order with fresh ingredients and from "scratch."   

"A Delight in each bite"